About The Author

About The Author

Martin's favorite Job was the Director of Engineering at Moz responsible for all the Big-Data teams. In his spare time, Martin enjoys the company of anybody that enjoys beer/wine and talking politics as long as they do not take either too seriously. Martin enjoys skiing and will use up all his holiday in the winter.

University of Manchester


Compiler optimization techniques for distributed memory multiprocessor architectures”. Ported the SISAL compiler to the 64 processor, distributed memory KSR-1. Added compile time analysis of the interaction of hardware and software memory management for multi-threaded processes in order to provide timely pre-movement of data between processors at run time to avoid processor stalls.


Compiler optimization techniques”. Modified the code generation phase of the SISAL compiler to produce efficient code for multidimensional array access. Extended the code generation phase to handle higher order functions and partial function closures.


1st Class

Work Experience

  • Indeed
  • Moz
  • Microsoft
  • Amazon
  • Semantic
  • Startups